Hello world!

•February 1, 2007 • Leave a Comment

As the title says yes hello world and how is it going lets just check the news online and see!!!!!

(I’m going to be using digg.com today for my news!)

Story: Bill Gates: Vista is so secure it could run life support systems.

Holly shit that’s a funny one and Bill gates is a lien devil! Just watch pirates of silicon valley and you’ll know what I mean!

Ya can you just imagine if  that was real… For crying out loud a god dang Slot machine cant help but crash and display the blue screen of death  lol… man good thing Linux is around lol…. Or we would all be dead!

What else is in the news….

Dear lord I feel sorry for whose ever dumb enough to by anything from dell!!!! -I have nothing but bad experiences w/ dell so you cant change my mind but hey if you like them fine… just pray you never have to talk to tech support or a manager idiots…

Story: Dell working on gaming handheld to compete with DS/PSP?

Hope it never happens dell sucks enough said…. And besides good luck competing w/ my all time favs Nintendo and Sony!!!

I’m not done yet people I will be back with more shit.. And It will get better I promise…. Maybe Ill get into how much I hate dell well just have to all wait and see What I Think!